Selecting Web Hosting is a Gamble

In my opinion selecting the right web hosting can be quite a gamble. I’ve had websites hosted all over the Internet and tried a ton of different web hosting companies. I’ve tried business hosting, SEO hosting, cheap hosting, reseller hosting, and everything in between. Ultimately, selecting the right hosting plan and hosting company comes down to what you’re trying to accomplish. I have a few insights that should help you in the process and I’ll go over my own personal experiences. You’ll find that I’m actually not including affiliate links in this post and that all the information I’m sharing in directly from the heart.

Many website makers and SEO guys today are looking for something that is commonly referred to as SEO hosting. The honest truth is, there are very few good options for what SEO hosting truly is. You want original C-class IP for each different website you host in you Private Backlink Network (PBN) but you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg to get it. There is only one good place for this that I have found. I’ve researched it quite a bit and ultimately came up pretty disappointed but the one good option will definitely help make the whole process a lot easier if you’re just wanting a private backlink network of about 50 sites. For SEO hosting I would recommend¬† and their reseller hosting. You will get a variety of server locations where you can host your sites and also have them on different c-class IPs. I would NOT recommend hostwinds. Hostwinds has a reseller hosting program and offers different IP’s but the problem is they sometimes reset their servers and it can result in ALL of your sites being placed on a single IP address.

Ok, so we went over SEO hosting but there is another type of hosting that is probably even more important and more applicable to most webmasters. This is business hosting. I’ve tried hosting with the big guys. Bluehost is awful. At first I really like hosting with Bluehost but their customer service has literally dissolved into the worst customer service I have found for any place that would promote themselves as professoinal, upscale hosting. I’ve had so many bad experiences with their customer service I’ve since starting moving all my sites (dozens that I had hosted there) away from there. Hostgator is a little better than bluehost. I’ve actually had mostly positive experiences with hostgator but just barely good enough for me to be satisfied. The one place I actually have hosted and would highly recommend is Site Ground. Site Ground surprised me. I originally hosted with them because I needed hosting in south east asia for a project I was working on and Site Ground had hosting in Singapore as an option. Well, it turned out they they were one of the best hosting companies I’ve used. Great up times and they also have an incredible customer service. They migrated sites super fast and answered any support tickets I had within a day.

If you decide to go with cheap dollar hosting you definitely should be expecting any type of true service or customer service. Honestly, cheap dollar hosting is a gamble. These companies can disappear without notice and your site, and all of it’s content will just disappear. If you use dollar hosting you’ll want to make your own backups of the site otherwise you may end up losing all of your work. I would never risk gambling online¬†all of my effort on a couple dollars for hosting a month. If you’re looking to host in Australia SiteGround again is a great option. A website that is targeted towards Australians can be targeted in Singapore and the speeds will be just fine.…

Make your business valuable with the help of web hosting

We know that web hosting is a great business and you can earn a lot when you have a host which is of some value and importance as for as the business online dealing is concern. you are dealing with the business online now a day and you need to have the site which can look after your business and you can do everything according to the trends in the market and in the world and can rectify your decisions immediately without going anywhere. It is always a great thing to deal with when you are doing business online and you have some good web hosting on your side and your site is always have the up times than the down sessions. Up times mean all the activities you are doing all the day is reached to the targeted costumers and you will be valued by the web site you are running and your web host is giving you certain opportunities to deal the costumers all the time and get the maximum profit margins.

This is the reason that why these companies are earning a lot is that these companies are dealing with the business in fashion and they are earning a lot out of this great niche of business and so on so far. The other thing that can really makes good reason for them to exit that they are very cheap to deal with and they are very good in giving the costumer great margin of profits and very easy for the costumers to deal with and so on so forth. The other thing that really matters is that they really take care of the hardware and software to run all this and make something out of it and the things that need technical necessities.

There are several types of web hosting which are very good in case of starting the business and making things good for you and your business. It all depends on you that what type of web hosting you actually want to do and so on so forth. It is said that these type of web hosting can make a remarkable webhosting for you according to the need of the business and type of business you are actually running. So following are the types of the business which are available for you to deal with the business.

Web host sharing

We know this is one of the most powerful and famous type of web hosting which makes live very good and kinetic when it comes to the sharing and taking the business to up time always. There is absolutely no doubt about it that you are dealing with the business and want to get the profit and traffic all the time to the site. It is a part of bandwidth and disk space that is shared with you for some money on behalf of the data center to get the things going for the business you are dealing with. This is a cheap source of getting the online business space for you and so on so forth.